We work with our clients on a one-to-one basis for a minimum of three months and here is what we do:

Weekly Strategy Sessions on your business and how you are getting your name out there - this doesn't just need to be your company name, it can be your name as well. Depending on what kind of a business and brand you run, we will come up with a strategy that's perfect for you.
We will work with you to design a communications plan. Social media and content creation can be overwhelming and in today's world it feels like you need to be in all the feeds, all the time! Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. We will come up with a plan to go to market with what works best for you and your business.
One we have fine-tuned your angle, we will help you structure your plan of action, put a schedule together and get it out to the world! 

Putting a plan together is one thing, putting it into action is another! If you have a wonderful team to do this, then great! You will be set up for what needs to be done at the end of our 3-month period. But if you’re like a lot of people, and you and your team don’t have the bandwidth to execute on the plan, don’t worry, we can handle that too. A full list of our services are in this deck. 


$7,500 per our 3-month beginner consulting package and $950 per month for our continuance program. Here is what you will get in each:

At the end of your 3-month beginner package you'll have a full plan ready to hit the market and get your brand out there. You will have a full calendar, action plan and better understanding of how it all comes together. If you need a team to help you create the content, check out our creative services below and if you’re a consultancy client, you can apply a 10% discount to any of our services.

Want to stay together? Don't worry, we wont leave you after the first 3-months. If you feel we are a value to you and your team, we will continue to work with you monthly to ensure consistency, content scheduling and monitoring, along with active monthly strategy sessions with yourself or your head of marketing to make sure you and your brand stay top-of-mind. We will also over see all speaking and sponsorship negotiations on your behalf for conferences and events to ensure your brand and voice are showcased in the right way each and every time.

Moreover, this monthly service includes a monthly one-on-one coaching and strategy session to help you work on the business and plan for future growth.