We get it, social media and digital marketing are hard to understand! There are a lot of intricacies and the rules, tools and platforms seem to change daily. Your company needs to be focused on what you do best, so let us do what we do best - make you look good! It's pretty straightforward, here’s how it works:

Digital Planning & Implementation: 20% of your spend with a minimum spend of $5,000.00 - this includes monthly reporting and suggestions as to how to maximize ROI.

Digital Marketing Management:  This is a full overhaul on your digital marketing plan. 3 month packages begin at $4,500.00, with an average 3 x ROI on your ad spend and we wave our ad commission on the first 5k. We provide you with monthly reports, monitoring, split testing, affiliate and look alike audiences and get you ready to supercharge your sales. We deep dive into your marketing, your demo and create a full plan including google, instagram, YouTube, facebook and banner ads. Graphics are over and above at the discounted rate of $65 per hour.

Social Media Management: Starting at $750.00 per month. This is your day to day posting that includes one story everyone 24 hours and one post. We suggest you provide us with a bank of photos, if you have them. If you need all new graphics, please refer to our Graphics pricing at the discounted price of $65 per hour if we are managing your socials.