Podcasting is the way of the future and if you want your business to stick around for the long run, now is the time to rope in those younger clients. Don’t LOVE to be on video but want to get your voice out there? Podcasting is the key for you! Now, what are you waiting for? Let’s get podcasting! If you need someone to interview you, we will do that as well so that your podcast sounds natural. Talk to us today on what style of podcasting works for you. If you’re wondering the stats on podcasting, here are some quick numbers for you:

Who listens to podcasts?

63% of the Canadian population is familiar with the term “podcasting”

36% listened to a podcast in the last month

23% listened to a podcast in the last week

Age 12-34: 48%

Age 35-54: 32%

Age 55+: 20%